Designing a landmark diversity report.

The Unmistakables are an award-winning strategic diversity and inclusion consultancy, delivering services to build cultural confidence for teams, brands and businesses.

With increased focus on diversity and inclusion issues following the global events of 2020, this year the consultancy produced the Diversity & Confusion report.

The document is an extensive, deep dive on workplace D&I agendas in the United Kingdom, and the thoughts and feelings towards them.

I was asked to design the report itself, including a series of typographic posters pulling out some of the key themes and ideas it explores.

Client testimonial:

"The Unmistakables has worked with Greg for some time in two different capacities - as a designer and a cultural contributor as part of our inclusion network. As a contributor, Greg brings both lived experiences and thought-provoking insights that challenge clients to think differently. As a designer, Greg always hits the brief as well as stretching us to places we might not have gone. To us, Greg is part of the team."

The Unmistakables logo

Ben Brooks-Dutton

Managing Partner


Document design and artwork
Poster design
Social media graphics
Supporting marketing materials

The Unmistakables logo

The last word in diversity.

The main report is comprised of a 26-page document, with 7 ‘poster’ pages. The bulk of the document needed to retain synergy with The Unmistakable’s branding, and present the data and information in a digestible format.

The ‘poster’ page designs take key themes in the document, and represent them typographically – in keeping with much of my typography-based art. As the posters tackle many topical areas they also double as social content, enabling the target audience to share them among their networks.

Additional formats of these typographic posters were created for Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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Sample pages from Diversity & Confusion report

Diversity & Confusion Report social adapts

Diversity & Confusion Report event invite