Capital ‘Monster Mash-Up’ Social Media Videos & DOOH

DOOH for the UK's biggest Halloween party.

Capital is a network of independent contemporary hit radio stations in the United Kingdom, owned and operated by Global. The network approached content agency Trigger to produce supporting material for their annual, Halloween-themed live event, the Monster Mash-Up. Having developed print communications for the event, I was asked to take the print layout and animate the concept for social media videos and DOOH.


Based on the existing creative, to develop a series of animated videos for digital outdoor and social media.


Full campaign delivered, leading to a sold-out event.

Working from the layout supplied by the client (which had all of the main elements visible in the animation), I isolated areas and created animation that would mimic the print version in style, but would be suitably dramatic and engaging for video & DOOH. I created animated thunder striking the buildings, lightning and clouds, and then animated copy to fit.

Client requested that the last frame feature a quick cut of the event presenter (Marvin Humes). I came up with the idea of having the screen ‘glitch’ to show a quick reveal. Client then supplied an animated logo to use in place of the original, and also supplied audio for the social media videos.


Poster Adaptation
DOOH Poster Creation
Motion Graphics

Capital Monster Mash-Up DOOH Phase 1 - London
Capital Monster Mash-Up DOOH Phase 2, Manchester

Capital Monster Mash-Up, DOOH Phase 1, London.

Capital Monster Mash-Up, DOOH Phase 2, Manchester.

Capital Monster Mash-Up DOOH Phase 4 - London

Capital Monster Mash-Up, DOOH Phase 3, Liverpool.

Capital Monster Mash-Up, DOOH Phase 4, London.

Capital Monster Mash-Up DOOH Phase 5 - London
Capital Monster Mash-Up Social Video

Capital Monster Mash-Up, DOOH Phase 5, London.

Capital Monster Mash-Up, Social Video (with audio supplied by client.)

Date: October 2017Client: Trigger Buzz/Global Radio