The Agency That Specialises In Everything


One issue I’ve been pondering a lot of later, is the idea of specialisation in the creative industries. As a creative I feel blessed to be able to work in several disciplines within graphic design, from branding to poster design, and motion graphics to digital.

However I’m increasingly aware this creates some difficulty as far as my profile, and how prospective clients find me. We’ve been strategising this concern for a while. On one hand it is my firm belief that a good designer should be able to work across the board, for a fully considered and realised creative solution.

A good designer should be able to take an idea into any environment, and demonstrate it’s true worth. This has never been more apparent in this, the digital age. Take our branding work for Heart radio for example.

One upon a time it might have been enough to design a great logo that might fly across a company masthead. But now we need to see how that idea will translate to web, social media platforms, print and video.

And yet, one of the creative and advertising industry pet-peeves is the agency that specialises in absolutely everything. By nature of the term this just isn’t possible, and it’s a safe bet that the agency that does so, probably doesn’t do it exceptionally well.

All this to say, I think my specialisation might be no specialisation (having said for the time being that I’ve moved the illustration work to the Behance page for some clarity).

But we are looking to the future, and the business is almost ready for a new phase. look for some developments in the near future.

– Greg Bunbury

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