Designing (another) landmark diversity report.

The Unmistakables are an award-winning strategic diversity and inclusion consultancy, delivering services to build cultural confidence for teams, brands and businesses.

In 2020 the consultancy produced the landmark Diversity & Confusion report. The document was an extensive, deep dive into equity, diversity and inclusion (ED&I) in the workplace, and the foundational ideas and beliefs driving it. It drew one major conclusion about the understanding of and attitudes towards ED&I in UK business at the time: organisations were largely in a state of diversity and confusion.

The consultancy has produced a new version of Diversity & Confusion for 2023, with their latest insights uncovering how people in the workforce think and feel about equity, ED&I in 2023.

Having designed the 2020 Diversity & Confusion report, I was asked to create the 2023 edition, along with a raft of supporting charts and infographics.

Client testimonial:

"The Unmistakables has worked with Greg for some time in two different capacities - as a designer and a cultural contributor as part of our inclusion network. As a contributor, Greg brings both lived experiences and thought-provoking insights that challenge clients to think differently. As a designer, Greg always hits the brief as well as stretching us to places we might not have gone. To us, Greg is part of the team."

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Ben Brooks-Dutton

Managing Partner


Creative direction
Report design and artwork

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Bringing ED&I into focus.

The big focus for the 2023 report, was accessibility. As leaders in the ED&I space, prioritising an inclusive, accessible and empathetic user experience with the report was of key importance to The Unmistakables.

Working with the team, I reviewed accessibility requirements, guidelines and best practices, and incorporated them into the report design. From font sizes, to line spacing, colour contrast and annotated charts and tables, we kept accessibility at the heart of the design process.

The cover represents the central concept of this current report. Where as the first report focused on the idea of Diversity and Confusion, this version expands that idea based on current findings.

“We’re now also living in a state of diversity and… Exclusion. Disillusion. Delusion. Illusion.”

The creative concept is inspired by focus. Visualising the confusion that the report uncovers, and the clarity it provides.

The bulk of the document needed to retain synergy and consistency with The Unmistakable’s branding, building on their guidelines to keep the report fresh and visually engaging.


Cover of the Diversity & Confusion 2023 report by Greg Bunbury

Diversity & Confusion Report sample pages