“Shout” Poster

Shouting it loud.

“Shout” is a poster I designed for the Black Outdoor Art campaign, which I curate in partnership with Brotherhood Media. It’s a concept inspired by the near-daily debates around race and equality, and the frustration of black expression.

The frustration of individually having to represent the perspectives of all Black people. The frustrations of having to deliver pithy solutions to the structural racism we did not create.
The frustration of standing on social issues, and then being asked “well, what do you want?” – as though equality was just a matter of asking.
The poster is inspired by Swiss design aesthetics, and the 90s theatre design work of Paula Scher. The typography subverts the ubiquitous presence of Swiss typefaces in advertising (the font used is Swiss 721 by Bitstream), and recontextualises this in service of social connection.

“Shout” by Greg Bunbury – Hackney, London

Black Outdoor Art commisions, produces and displays artwork created by the Black British creative community, from artists and designers, to illustrators, around themes of racism, equality, empowerment, and our lived experience here in the UK.

“Shout” by Greg Bunbury – Hackney, London