Oya: Rise Of The Suporishas Film Poster

Creating a super-powered film poster.

Oya: Rise Of The Suporishas is an independent film written and directed by Nosa Igbinedion, for which we created the film poster. The premise of the film centres around mythical deities in African folklore – known as “Orishas” – and contextualises them as modern-day superheroes. The plot follows the protagonist Ade and her connection with the titular god Oya, in their mission to safeguard the door between their worlds. For this project I created the key poster art, from the main image to the overall design of the poster. The title logo/typography treatment was created by the late, great Jon Daniel.


To create a movie poster that positions Oya, in the same standing as a big budget studio movie.


Over 100k streams of the short. Increased engagement and interest around the film, lead to a feature adaptation and subsequent web series.

We Can Be Heroes.

The intention with this film poster design, was to create something that positioned the film beyond its independent status. We decided that it needed to be something that could sit alongside a big-budget mainstream action movie. Early touch points were campaigns for several superhero and science-fiction franchises.

With the raw photography of Oya as my start point, I began digitally creating and painting the over-saturated, hyper-real, almost-illustrative look and feel that has come to typify these movies.

From there, we focused on the layout – trying to continue the drama of the image through the typography, incorporating Jon’s logo work. The result is an impactful image that such an audacious debut deserves.

Oya poster Greg Bunbury


Poster Design


"I fell in love with the poster design for Oya: Rise of the Suporishas. Greg took my brief and totally understood my vision. He provided a poster that matched the aesthetics of a massive hollywood studio's superhero movie, while still maintaining the uniqueness and novelty of an African superhero film. Definitely the guy I will be going for, for the feature film and beyond. A pleasure to work with."

Nosa Nedion


Client: Nosa IgbinedionDate: May 2014