Global Make Some Noise DOOH Campaign

Here's a DOOH campaign for a change.

Make Some Noise is a charity that aims to help change young lives, created by national media brand Global. Every year Make Some Noise has an annual appeal day (supported by online, offline and DOOH marketing), where its radio stations come together to raise money for small projects supporting youngsters and their families living with illness, disability or lack of opportunity, in their local communities.

The charity enlisted content creation agency Trigger Buzz to help promote a massive fundraising event in the autumn of 2015. I was asked by Trigger to design and create DOOH advertising for the UK nationwide campaign.


To design & produce a full, motion graphics DOOH campaign over 30 different sites, creating engagement and donations for the charity.


Donations greatly exceeded projected expectations, in much less time than anticipated.

Bringing the Noise.

I began with the copy, producing initial layouts to refine the headlines and sub-headers, to make sure the proposition and overall story had suitable impact and integrity.

Once approved I was able to start on the overall animation. With the logo itself (which was comprised of a cartoon-speaker character), rather than just having a static iteration across the DOOH campaign, I animated the character to inject some fun and a sense of dynamism into the communications.

From there I began designing and producing the on-brand layouts for the various DOOH formats ranging from digital 48 sheets to interior 6 sheets.


Motion Graphics
DOOH Poster Production
Outdoor Poster Design

Cityscreen_Edin_Static_468x702_Large DOOH
Global Make Some Noise Greg Bunbury DOOH
Global Make Some Noise Greg Bunbury DOOH

The project was comprised of two bursts of outreach – static and animated screens in phase one, and then live updates running on digital LCD 6 sheets in retail spaces and London Underground throughout the actual day, and as the fundraising target approached its close.

The day and the overall campaign was a huge success, and with associated promotions, print, event and social engagement the campaign raised a staggering £1,955,869 in total.

Make Some Noise DOOH D6

Make Some Noise DOOH D6 – ‘Live’ Counter

Outdoor images courtesy of Ocean Outdoor, a facilitator of digital
connectivity in the OOH world.

Client: Trigger/Global RadioDate: October 2015