Ed Sheeran Merchandise & Gig Poster

World-class merchandise for a world class tour.

In support of award-winning singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran’s 2015 world tour, I was commissioned by client Warner Music to create an illustrated poster to be sold as merchandise. The illustration was also adapted to a t-shirt design.


Design and produce an illustration, that could be adaptable as both a poster and a t-shirt.


Original tees and posters sold throughout the UK, North American and Australian legs of the Ed Sheeran tour, generating merchandise revenue. T-shirts currently being sold d2c from the main website.

Eastern Promise.

As with much of my design work, my inspiration was found in the past. Specifically the Fillmore East gig poster designs of the 70s.

Though his style is contemporary, I found the presentation of Sheeran’s music – often just voice and guitar – reminiscent of the folk and blues scene that would have graced the Fillmore back in the day. This idea became the main thrust of the illustration.

The image was created from photographs of the artist, supplied by the client, drawn with a Wacom tablet in Adobe illustrator.

The gig poster was available as an A2 art print at the London Wembley shows (10-12th of July 2015). It was available in t-shirt form throughout the North American tour (May 2015), and also Australia.



Graphic Design
Merchandise Design

Client: Warner Music UKDate: March 2015