Being Freelance Podcast with Greg Bunbury


I recently had the pleasure of joining Steve Folland on his fantastic Being Freelance podcast.

Being Freelance is a podcast and platform, that explores how being boss of your own life and business can be tough and isolating. But it can also be totally rewarding.

It features tips, advice and thoughts on how to make it as a freelancer by hearing other freelancers share their experience.

We discussed my journey into freelancing, from my agency background into the entertainment industry, and the pivot into purpose-led work.

It was when Greg planted the flag of his values that things changed.

Instead of chasing jobs as ‘anyone’, he became ‘someone’ – someone people wanted to work with for what he stood for.

Now Greg’s not just a graphic designer, but a Creative Consultant, Diversity & Inclusion Consultant and public speaker. Freelancing with purpose.

Check out the full episode below, and click through for the full transcript and show notes.


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