Art UK adds Black Outdoor Art to collection

This month, the work from our Black Outdoor Art initiative, has been added to Art UK, the online home for every public art collection in the UK.

Art UK showcases artworks from over 3,000 British public collections, and receives over 3,000,000 unique users each year, across the globe.

The team felt Black Outdoor Art was of enough cultural significance to add to the collection, and our values align with Art UK’s mission: to promote learning and access to art and culture.

The objective of BOA (in partnership with outdoor agency Brotherhood Media), has always been to create dialogue and discourse. To seed ideas and perspectives that counter the ideology of racism and white supremacy, and foster empathy and connection.

Partnering with Art UK allows us to spread our message even further, and provides a valuable digital resource for generations to come.

Since they initially reach out, myself & the editorial team have been working hard behind the scenes for the past few months, getting all the artists’ work onto the platform.

Special thanks to the Art UK team for inviting us to join the collection, to Brotherhood for making the campaign possible in the first place, and London Streetshots for many of the photos. And most of all, thanks to all the talented and generous artists & creatives for being a part of this project!

In no particular order:

Nadina Ali
Kingsley Nebechi
Jahnavi Inniss
Kieron Boothe & Jords
Natasha Pszenicki & Ayo Akinwolere
Harkiran Kalsi
Soz Mate

View Black Outdoor Art on Art UK here.

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