Merchandise design for the Windrush Generation.

The Windrush Generation Legacy Association (WGLA), is a nonprofit organisation, with the aim to empower, educate and uplift the community, and celebrate the legacy of the Windrush Generation (referring to those who arrived in the UK from Caribbean countries between 1948 and 1973).

The WGLA commissioned me to design a range of merchandise celebrating the 75th anniversary of Windrush (commonly known as ‘Windrush 75’), to support fundraising for the charity.

The collection, comprised of t-shirts and tote bags, was produced to coincide with Notting Hill Carnival 2023 (in which the WGLA partnered with Transport for London on a specially-themed Windrush 75 bus), and other subsequent Windrush 75 events.


Creative direction
Graphic Design
Merchandise Design

The Windrush Generation Legacy Association-01

Nothing about us, without us.

My concept, ‘We Are Windrush’/’We Are Us’, celebrates the contributions of the Caribbean community and her descendants, to British life.

I wrote the copy as a stanza, with rhyming couplets that highlight the various roles and spaces we’ve occupied over the years. The intention was for this to feel like a manifesto.

This section is set in my Empire Windrush typeface.

The reverse design features the names of 75 notable Black Britons of Caribbean heritage, as well the icon of a black poppy.


T-shirt front and reverse


T-shirt front and reverse (detail)


Tote bag

With the WGLA & Transport for London at Notting Hill Carnival, 2023