The Crypt Music Studio Logo Design

A new logo for a music studio on the rise.

The Crypt Studio is a leading recording studio, situated in a converted church in North London. The studio has hosted an impressive roster of artists, including Snow Patrol, Fairport Convention, Michael Kiwanuka, Joss Stone, and many more.

After a period of significant growth, management retained me to create a new logo design for the studio.

The brief called for a one-colour mark, inspired by iconic brand logos of the last 40 years. The studio also produces a series of live events (The Crypt Sessions), so new branding would need to consider this also.

  • Create new logo & brand identity for The Crypt Studio.
  • Create brand & style guidelines.

I designed a unique and on-brief identity, well-received throughout the studios audience. The new logo also received positive reviews from design publications.


Logo Design

Hitting the mark.

I began the project with a client brainstorming session. I identified their overall business goals, and the values the new mark needed to represent.

The client had referenced several iconic logos in the aesthetic they wanted. We all agreed the new logo design needed to be iconic, timeless and ownable, but also that it had to feel appropriate to the studio.

The building itself creates an experience for its patrons, with warm acoustics, and a mix of analogue and digital processes. I wanted to reflect that dynamic in the brand identity – mixing organic elements with a contemporary sensibility.


Modern retro.

From here, I set out to create a visual representation of sound, in a way that would suggest an architectural shape. I devised curved lines representing sound waves, and drew them into the shape of a crypt archway.

The formed the basis of the approved logo design, which had an appeal both contemporary and modern, corporate and artistic. Robust enough to endow the studio with presence and professionalism, but it also speaks to sound and space – two elements that continually define its appeal.

Client: Ricky BarberDate: Spring 2015