Sport Playlists Brand Identity & Website

Branding with everything to play for.

Shoot Music Promotions is a music promotion specialist for the sport market. In growing their offering, the company have launched a playlist service called Sport Playlists. I was tasked with creating the Sport Playlists brand identity, the website, and marketing collateral.

  • Create a brand identity for Sport Playlists.
  • Develop the Sport Playlists website.
  • Generate weekly, SEO optimised content for the website.
  • Create an explainer video.
  • Create supporting marketing communications.

I took the Sport Playlists website from zero, to over 2k monthly visits within 6 months, and 5k visits within year one. Over 30,000 Sport Playlists individual playlist subscribers on Spotify.


"Greg provides an innovative and flexible service and feels like an integral part of our team. Greg quickly understood who we are and what we needed and was able to translate that into creative and simple to use digital assets. He always delivers above and beyond."


Tom Roberts

Founder - Shoot Music


Creative Direction
WordPress Website Development
Social Media & Digital Asset Creation
Print Design
Motion Graphics

Kicking off.

I began with a client strategy session, outlining the business objectives of the project. The project needed to position the Sport Playlists brand as accessible, straightforward and recognisable. From here we agreed on an approach, and a list of values to work towards.

The Sport Playlists identity needed synergy with the existing Shoot Music brand, and a degree of adaptability as it would represent different genres of playlists.

The identity I created is centred around the main ‘badge’ logo. The logo lockup integrates Shoot’s branding, but the lettering allows us to represent specific sports, using the circular ‘O’ as a graphic device. The logo has both landscape and square formats.

The logo maintains the integrity of the Shoot Music branding, but gives a clear identity to Sport Playlists. This direction would inform both online and offline communications.



One for the team.

From the logo and identity, I established a wider brand style. This was used to design marketing communications including the partner guide, social media content, and the website.

A welcome site.

The Sport Playlists website was developed on the WordPress platform, and a pre-built theme. As the client wanted to manage the website in-house, WordPress was recommended as the most suitable platform.

From the brand identity, I created the basic site structure, graphics, bespoke functionality and developed all of the initial content, from copy generation to SEO optimisation. I also continued to generate SEO optimised articles & content for the site on a weekly basis.

Set in motion.

A core part of Shoot’s marketing outreach for Sport Playlists, was a video outlining the service to potential clients and partners. It needed to encapsulate the brand’s offering, while positioning them as professional, exciting and a leading name in the playlisting space.

I had an idea for an animated ‘explainer’ video that would convey the necessary information, in an engaging and digestible way.

I worked up a the script, produced the narration, created the animation and finalised the video.