Sony Great British Albums Box set Packaging

An Olympic effort for this box set.

Great British Albums was a 20CD box set from Sony Music UK, celebrating iconic British music. It was released to coincide with the 2012 London Olympic Games. I was asked to design box set packaging, and 20 discs featuring classic album artwork.

The objectives:

To create a premium product to capitalise on a feel-good year for the United Kingdom – while retaining the integrity of the classic albums in the package.

The results:

The box set was a hit across formats, with the CD package completely selling out shortly after release.


Box set packaging design
CD sleeve artwork
Digital pack shot creation

National treasures.

I began by strategising the positioning for the product, highlighting the values the box set needed to embody.

As the box set packaging had to be overtly British in theme, we agreed that incorporating the Union Jack was a good fit.

This evolved into the final concept, which featured a vintage, rustic treatment of the flag. I felt this spoke to the heritage of the music.

This was offset with clean, contemporary typography. I then took the concept through to artwork, which utilised a ‘cigarette box’  format (called as such due to how the lid opens).


The classics remastered.

For the individual discs inside the box set, I had to replicate artwork from 20 albums to fit cardboard wallets. However as much of the older album artwork is no longer available in any editable format, this meant I had to recreate the covers.

In order to get the albums as close to the original sleeves as possible, we sourced scans, original typefaces, and retouched imagery to get everything to fit to the new specs.

I designed the 22 page booklet accompanying the box set, featuring track listings and label copy.

Great British Albums
Great British Albums 2
Great British Albums 3