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Design For The People Episode 8: Hustle, Niche, Serve – from Ads to Publishing with Juan Roberts

Joining me on this episode is creative director and Creative Lunacy founder Juan Roberts. Hailing from Greater Los Angeles, Juan got his start after marketing flyers and business cards to salons and barbershops for 5 years, after which he co-founded an ad agency, which he grew into a $10MM business.

After he cashed out, he joined another firm, at which his work garnered upwards of $50BN in market share and volume for an A-list of global brands like Chrysler, Coke, American Airlines and more.

Since then, his focus has been on developing his boutique firm, serving the Black community with a focus on book design, and the self-publishing industry, across fashion, cultural events, and faith orientated communications.

His work empowers independent publishers with mainstream quality, strategy and insight. Check out Juan’s work at www.creativelunacy.com, and follow him @juanroberts.

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