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Greg Bunbury

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Design For The People Episode 9: Conversations From Calais, with Mathilda Della Torre

Mathilda Della Torre is the graphic designer and illustrator behind Conversations from Calais, a project that aims to re-humanise those affected by the refugee crisis by using posters in public spaces, to share conversations volunteer staff have had with migrants. Mathilda also co-founded On The Mend, a design studio that targets social inequalities in the UK healthcare system and is the graphics co-ordinator at Migrant’s Bureau.

We discuss the Conversations From Calais project, and how Mathilda uses her practice to look closer for longer, to bring people together through creative exchanges, and to place marginalised voices at the centre of our stories.

Learn more about the project at conversationsfromcalais.com, or follow her work @MathildaDellaTorre.

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