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Greg Bunbury

Greg Bunbury

Design For The People Episode 5: Connecting Cultures Through Storytelling, with Nosa Igbinedion.

Nosa Igbinedion is a British-Nigerian filmmaker, editor and motion graphics designer, based in the UK. His short films have won multiple awards and played in festivals around the world.

Nosa’s work is dedicated to creating speculative fiction, covering futurism, tech, social realism and spirituality, yet rooted in African culture, mythology and perspective.

His passion for comic books and superheroes, and African spirituality and philosophy led him to conceptualise the Rise of Orisha series – perhaps the first African superhero film, years before Marvel’s Black Panther.

In this episode Nosa shares his journey from an Astrophysics degree to science fiction, the challenges faced by Black filmmakers in getting their stories told, and the importance of innovative storytelling as a means of connecting cultures.

Check out Nosa’s films and news at, and follow him @nosaigbinedion.

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