Sony ‘Booksets’ Press Ad Design

Christmas press ads with all the trimmings.

Specially produced for the festive shopping season, Sony Music UK have produced a premium CD box set format that incorporates multi-disc packaging, with a full colour ‘book’ inside. Produced exclusively for music retailer HMV, the formats are commonly referred to as ‘booksets’. Sony Music UK asked me to develop the photography and press ad design, in support of the series.


Christmas-themed press ads to showcase Sony Music’s ‘Bookset’ range.


The bookset range saw a rise in sales year-on-year, and the format has become a staple of the label’s range.

Picture perfect.

The ad format was based on an older version created for Sony some time ago, repurposed to highlight these releases. I photographed the main image, devised the headline and re-wrote the copy.

The thinking was to create a press ad design with a strong creative direction, and copy that related to the composition of the visual.

In lieu of any brand guidelines for Sony Music communications, I created a style that held consistencies with my other ad work for Sony. In this way, the ad would feel more cohesive, and go some way to establishing a ‘house’ style.

The ad appeared throughout UK music trade press.


Graphic Design
Art Direction


"Greg Bunbury is always a pleasure to work with. Most recently he’s turned around a suite of print ads for album campaigns. Greg is within that rare breed of designers who works perfectly to the brief whilst bringing his own creative flair into the mix to enhance the impact of the ad."


Philip Connolly

Product Manager, Sony Music

Date: Oct 2016Client: Sony Music UK