Heart Summer Campaign Motion Graphic Videos

Heart is a radio network operated by Global Radio throughout the UK, broadcasting a mix of local and networked programming. I was asked by marketing & creative social content agency Trigger Buzz, to develop a series of motion graphic animated videos in support of Heart’s summer campaign, ‘Best Summer Ever’ and ‘Win Before They Sing’.

The overall visual concept had already been established by agency & client. It featured hand-drawn graphics that were placed over photographs related to general themes of summer & music. In order to carry the style through to a motion graphic orientation, I decided to carry the hand-drawn concept into animation, so the elements would ‘draw’ themselves onto the photographs. This would give the videos a dynamism still in keeping with the overall creative direction. This was bolstered with an animated background I created to give the motion graphics some depth, and also for the copy-only communications just to inject some movement.

Audio track was created and supplied by client.

The videos were rolled out across social media channels and YouTube spots nationwide in the UK.

Date: June, 2015Client: Trigger Buzz/Global