Fable Footwork Shoewear Fashion Logo

Stepping onto the scene with a new logo.

Fable Footwork is a burgeoning footwear fashion imprint created by British shoe designer Andrew Thompson. Bunbury Communication Design was asked to design a new logo for the brand, encapsulating the designer’s ethos, values and style.

The brief was to create a fashion logo that combined Greek-inspired elements with a crafted, military feel. The logo would be used throughout branding, apparel and packaging, aimed at a mature, discerning and affluent male audience.


Create a fashion logo for the Fable Footwork brand.


I crafted a unique and on-brief logo for the brand.


Logo Design

Finding my feet.

The brief highlighted key phrases from the client, which I built into a set of values to guide our work.

The client proposed a circular, monoline-style logo, with fraternity-inspired typography, and the tagline “design communication folk engineering”.

I wanted to also incorporate ideas around masonry, symbolism and art deco structure.

Utility Spec
British Heritage

Following feedback, I produced the final iteration of the logo. And once the final mark was approved, I created a suite of logos for print and web, as well as colour variants.

Client: Andrew ThompsonDate: May 2017