ELP Emerson Lake & Palmer Trilogy Press Ad

A Press Ad Worthy of a Super Group

Emerson, Lake & Palmer were an English prog rock supergroup of the 70s. In support of a new, remastered reissue of their iconic ‘Trilogy’ album in 2015 (originally released in 1972), Sony Music/Legacy Recordings asked me to create a full page press ad for the marketing campaign.

The crux of the brief, was to develop something fun and engaging, that felt like a press ad from 40 years ago. As well as promoting the ‘Trilogy’ album, the ad also needed to include three subsequent catalogue releases, so establishing a balanced and uncluttered layout was essential.

ITC Kabel was my typeface of choice, being relevant to the stylistic period I was aiming for. Photography and copy was supplied by client, of which I provided some revisions for legibility and flow.

This press ad artwork serves as a both a nod to the enduring legacy of ELP, and a homage to my favourite eras of advertising in the 60s/70s.


Print Design

Date: April 2015Client: Sony Music/Legacy Recordings