Diddy DirtyMoney Digital Advertising Banner Campaign

All aboard a banner campaign for Diddy.

I was asked by client Polydor Records to develop a digital advertising campaign for Last Train To Paris, the fifth studio album by hip-hop artist Diddy. For the album and two singles.


To design and produce an online banner ad campaign, that brings the artwork to life and engages fans.


A visually dynamic series of Flash banners, all produced to spec generating thousands of unique clicks (conversion data unavailable).

Train of thought.

The challenge was how to use the various elements and artwork already created, to create a consistent theme through the campaign.

My overall design takes it’s cue from the packshot (supplied by client), but evolves the style into a campaignable idea. With the original album artwork, (which featured a blurred shot of a train station interior), the art is fairly abstracted, and did not translate well to the various banner formats.

Diddy last train to paris

Next Stop.

My idea was to create a style that would fit in with the overall concept of the album, but not necessarily use the album art. The design then began to take shape around a concept of the train station departure board. This would provide a neat graphical context to deliver the messaging, further the themes of the album, and produce a truly ownable digital advertising concept.


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Diddy LTP_GD_banner

Diddy/DirtyMoney Last Train To Paris Billboard Banner Ad


Diddy/DirtyMoney Expandable Video Banner Ad

Diddy Coming Home Leaderboard

Diddy/DirtyMoney “Coming Home” Single, Expandable Video Banner Ad


Diddy/DirtyMoney MSN Expandable Video Banner Ad

Date: 2010Client: Polydor Records