Darcey Bussell Ballet Collection CD Artwork

Designing a best-selling classical compilation.

Darcey Bussell is an iconic former English ballerina, and judge on the hugely popular Strictly Come Dancing TV show. I was asked by Sony Music UK to design CD artwork and packaging for a 2CD ballet compilation curated by Darcey herself.

The brief:

To create a stylistically appropriate cover for the compilation. It should feel premium and elegant, and also accessible to a broad, non-classical audience.

The results:

Positive reception to the artwork both internally and externally, helped the project become the highest selling classical compilation of the year.


Cover art design
CD packaging artwork
Digital pack shot creation

A national treasure.

Darcey is one of today’s most exciting and inspiring celebrities. A trusted and esteemed national figure, who is associated with dance at the highest level. She is the UK’s leading spokesperson for ballet and other dance genres, accessible and approachable for children and adults alike.

These qualities helped define the values CD artwork should epitomise.


The full package.

The client supplied several images from a shoot for the packaging and 8pg booklet, and from there I worked up several concepts for the cover art itself.

It needed to feel like a compilation rather than a solo artist release, so the cover needed to reflect this distinction. I eventually landed on a sympathetic composition to achieve this, with a ballerina in the background in mid-pose.

This was set against a background for depth, which would anchor the overall image. I worked up typography that was elegant yet had a contemporary edge, and this informed the typesetting for the rest of the packaging.

The photography from the shoot was utilised throughout the booklet, accompanying track listings and credits. I also pitched the idea to include a personal note from Darcey, as a personal touch for fans.