Berenice Scott Album Cover Design & Artwork

I charged up this album with a great cover.

Berenice Scott is a lauded singer, songwriter, composer and professional session musician. In support of her album Polarity, management asked Bunbury Communication Design to design the CD cover design, packaging and marketing materials.

The brief:

To create a premium album cover that reflected the pedigree of the artist, and spoke to the mood of the record.

The results:

Positive reception to the artwork both internally and externally, favourably reviewed online.


Cover art design
CD packaging artwork
Digital pack shot creation
Poster design

Polarising qualities.

Examining the brief in detail, I first established the qualities the album cover design needed to embody.

The client had commissioned a photo shoot, and it was agreed the artwork would be photographic in nature.

Based on Berenice’s impressive musical journey, I felt the cover should have an iconic, classic feel to it.


Charging forward.

For the cover I selected a photo, bumped up the contrast and applied a sepia filter. I kept the typography minimal, using a thin cut of Gotham generously spaced.

This set the tone for the rest of the CD jewel case and accompanying booklet, which utilised images from the shoot throughout.

The images were knocked back, behind the song lyrics and track information.

The result was a refined, professional cover design & package, that felt worthy of Berenice’s talent.


Spreading the word.

In marketing the album and in support of the accompanying live gigs, I created marketing materials from posters to flyers.

Client: Berenice ScottDate: 2014