The Battery Film Poster Design & Illustration

A movie poster for a new vision of horror.

The Battery is an independent American film written and directed by Jeremy Gardner. Commonly typified as a horror genre movie, the film follows two former baseball players months after an unexplained outbreak turns the population into zombies. Since its release the film has garnered critical acclaim and several awards. I was asked to design the key art for the film, and created the concept, the illustration and the poster design.


To create an original movie poster that will generate interest and engagement.


As an independently financed filmed, with little marketing beyond word-of-mouth and the poster, the film spent weeks at the top of the streaming charts. The poster generated online press coverage, and won a Gold Award for “Best Poster” at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival.

Dead impressed.

I became involved with the project, after seeing the producers were seeking a creative to create the film poster design. By the time I had contacted them they already had a route in development, but invited me to view the movie anyway. I was so impressed with it, I was immediately inspired to sketch out a treatment.

The producers loved the concept, and commissioned me to complete the artwork.

The Battery_Bunbury_sketch_s3

Zombies? What Zombies?

From the outset, I decided the artwork should be different from typical zombie-genre posters. I felt it needed to reflect the overall tone and spirit of the movie, in which the hallmarks of the genre are merely a backdrop to the journey of the two central characters, and the landscape they travel within.

My idea was essentially a ‘zombie’ movie poster without zombies on it. Classic film poster design from the past inspired my vision, specifically Badlands and Mad Max – two films that I felt shared the same sense of atmosphere, and (in the case of Badlands) a feeling of what might be described as ‘Americana’.

I wrote the tagline to tease the general theme of the film – the central dynamic between the two lead characters.

The poster design was digitally painted with a Wacom tablet and Adobe Photoshop, drawn from stills of the movie.

The resulting poster is one that hopefully does justice to what is a brilliant movie, and a future cult classic. View the IMDB page for The Battery here.

The Battery poster by greg bunbury


Poster Design

jeremy gardner

"The movie poster design for The Battery is not only a great promotional piece, but feels like a natural extension of the film itself. Based on his own concept, Greg's work is the first thing people see when browsing the video on demand storefronts. Without any paid promotion, our film spent weeks at the top of the charts and we owe a lot of that to Greg's vision and execution."

Jeremy Gardner


Client: O'Hannah FilmsDate: 2013