Do you want to turn your business into a brand?

But struggle with questions like...

Do I need a logo?

How do I write a mission statement?

What kind of website should I have?

Which customers should I target?

What should I post on social media?

What marketing materials do I need?

Confusion can be costly,
but I have the answers.

I run one-to-one brand strategy consulting sessions, to help small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs position, and build their brands.

I’m Greg Bunbury. I’m a graphic designer, creative director and former marketing agency Head of Creative. For many years I’ve enabled all kinds of people and businesses to brand themselves, before I knew what a ‘brand consultant’ was.

Branding is a tricky area to get right, and a challenging space to navigate through. So I’ve created a workshop session around these challenges, to help you figure out the true value of your brand. I’ll give a solid foundation for more customers, more engagement, more sales – and less confusion.


What a brand strategy session covers:

  • Positioning – where your brand sits in your market

  • Customer Profiles – who you want to reach

  • Mission Statement – what you do, and who you do it for

  • Tone of Voice – how you speak to your audience

  • Identity – what you need to communicate your brand

  • Business Goals – what your brand needs to achieve

Trying to cobble together branding as you go, will cost you money, time and resource.

Success story:

Natasha Sackey MA RDMP is a creative facilitator and a registered Dance Movement Psychotherapist. The objective of Natasha’s work is to help people shift perspective, and elevate themselves to their best possible state of wellbeing.

I developed Natasha’s positioning, brand strategy & identity, tone-of-voice and social media strategy, culminating in the website I developed and built for her (

“I have the best ongoing relationship with Bunbury Communication Design for all my brand and marketing needs. I really struggled when I first started to think about having a website.. I found the whole prospect overwhelming. 

Two years ago Greg guided me through the process of branding and building my website. I didn’t have any ideas or a strong vision… none! I just knew how I wanted it to feel.. I wanted it to represent me, my energy and my work.

From the logo to layout, his ability to conceptualise my thoughts was amazing. I felt understood in design and understood in my aspirations and future goals… I wholeheartedly recommend him.”


Still here?

Great! That means you’re committed to creating some kind of change for your business. I’m thrilled at the prospect of being a part of your journey.

I offer two consulting services:

1 hour one-to-one brand consulting via phone/Skype

We’ll discuss the creative and strategic challenges you’re trying to tackle, from branding and marketing to your website and online presence. I’ll advise on the best options for you to move forward. Who to use, what to do, and what you should be paying.

On-site brand strategy with you and your team

I’ll lead a workshop at a location of your choosing, and we’ll look at your brand positioning and strategy from the ground up. By the end of the session you’ll have a comprehensive mission statement, solid positioning, and tone of voice for your brand.

For either option, I first need to learn a little more about the problem you want to solve, before I book your session. Click the button below to register your interest, and I’ll be in touch to schedule a date for our meeting.